Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working on an Elephant...

You might be wondering why you have not seen any posts in the last couple of weeks.  My focus has been re-directed (for a season).

Here's a super short riddle:

What is not black, nor white
Overwhelming in size,
Only handled in small chunks?

You're right... two answers... an elephant can be eaten--one bite at a time, and so does one's office become uncluttered and paperless!

It's addicting and freeing!  If you're local (or not) and would like help scanning, shredding, getting more organized with documents already on your computer, and eliminating the drowning feeling from excess paper from your home office, I can help.  Since I started, I have dumped, scanned, and shredded about 5,000 sheets of paper!  What Freedom!

Have a blessed and wonderful week!

On purpose to rise above the elephant and massive amounts of paper!