About the Designer

Kathleen Schubitz was born and raised in the Chicago area. Pressing through an oppressive childhood, life-threatening abuse and sickness, with God’s help she has turned tragedy into triumph and life’s hardships into stepping stones for success.

After serving more than 10 years at the headquarters of Rotary International, most of which were spent serving as production assistant for The Rotarian Magazine, she decided to relocate to Florida in 1990.

Dedication to God led her to respond when she felt Him leading her to establish her own company in 2004. She believes He even gave her the name RPJ & Company taken from Romans 14:17. She set her sights on blessing pastors, leaders, ministers, missionaries and others by offering to publish work that would help the Body of Christ. She began publishing Christian books and now has more than 20 published titles in her portfolio.

In addition, Kathleen offers computer, writing and publishing workshops to new and published writers. Workshops are held in cooperation with local libraries, churches and other groups. For those interested in having workshops at their location, she provides information about scheduled events through emails, blogging, posters and flyers.

Whether working on a book, calendar, business card, bookmark or brochure, her workmanship has blossomed through the years, particularly in the poetry book genre. Her editing, proofreading and eye for detail are just a few outstanding traits she brings to her work as a publisher.

She makes the publishing experience both positive and enlightening to the casual observer, beginner, or consummate professional.

“I count it an honor and privilege to work with so many talented authors and artists throughout the world. What a blessing to offer them more than their published book, but also a special creation designed with each author in mind,” she stated recently.

In addition to her publishing efforts, Kathleen Schubitz is the author of …In His Presence, Finding Purpose after Abuse, Scripture Keys for Finding Purpose after Abuse, and Journal to Freedom. You can find her books at any bookstore, Amazon.com and other major online bookstores as well as on her company website, www.rpjandco.com.

To schedule a workshop, poetry reading or speaking engagement, send your email to: kathy@rpjandco.com. Learn more about options of publishing your work with Kathleen Schubitz by visiting http://www.rpjandco.com/.