Finding Purpose after Abuse

The author of Finding Purpose after Abuse shares her inspiring story of exchanging helplessness and lies for empowerment and truth. She reveals how lies once believed to be truth set her up for hopelessness and despair. Her discovery of truth significantly changed her life forever! You can experience God’s love, truth, and freedom through the author’s true-life story.

The blog page for this book and information can be found at: Purpose after Abuse is available from most online bookstores and

The ebook has just been updated,

A great gift idea. A pocket companion of nearly 900 scripture verses to encourage you in your daily walk and meditation time through God’s word.

In addition to this book, two companion books (Scripture Keys for Finding Purpose after Abuse and Journal to Freedom) have been compiled and published.  They are also available through all online bookstores and some local stores.

If you're local resident, the book is available for purchase at these locations:

Northland Bookstore - Longwood, FL
Lotus Yoga Center - Apopka, FL

A FULL COLOR daily journal for reading, writing, speaking, and reflecting on the truth of God’s word. Great for stationery or journaling.

A 136-page companion E-book with a rose, sunset, affirmation, and scripture verse on every page!
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