Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year... a New Planner

During the holidays I was inspired to create something unique... a poetic devotional inside a weekly planner.  The voice of God is what I chose for the poetry, one that will encourage and speak directly to each reader.

The planner is complete with 52 weekly pages for planning, scripture and scripture references, a poem for each week, and a place for personal prayer or reflection.  It's spiral bound for laying flat!

Weekly Planner and Devotional, 144 pages
Weekly Planner and Devotional, 248 pages with Journal pages

Visit our website, and follow the links on the upper left side of the home page.  The planner was made to be used for any year.

May you be abundantly blessed in this New Year!  If you'd like to contribute for our next planner, contact us through email.

Blessings to all!