Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's My Name?

If you send me the answer to the poetic riddle, you will be entitled to receive 10% off the purchase of any book through our online store (

My inspiration came by way of a sermon heard today. It was not the title or subject of the sermon, just some words used during the pastor's message.



What’s My Name?

I’m a small-size rectangle
But I come in many sizes
I’m often used for exchange
But I’m flat and exciting.

If I were your friend
You’d want plenty more
No matter how many you had
You’d always want more.

Some people will harm others to get me
I have the power to bring great distress
Some people will give me away freely
But wise men know the value I possess.

I cause suicidal tendencies
Because of the power within
I’ve been known to rescue many
But I have the power to make you sin.

If you make a wise choice
You’re sure to be a winner
God will sing and rejoice
If you share me with others.

Kathleen Schubitz
© June 6, 2010 / All Rights Reserved

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  1. I believe it is paper currency (money).