Thursday, August 12, 2010

Connie's Blog Tour Continues.. and so do your chances to Win!

We all have those dark times in our lives when nothing seems to go right and we wonder where God is. We need to remember that God hasn’t gone anywhere, it is that we have wandered away or closed God out!

Comforting Presence

What a comfort it is to know
That God is always here,
Anywhere that we may go
God’s presence is ever near.

Though at times we may not feel,
And are often unaware
Of this presence, it is very real,
Filled with loving care.

Through even the hardest day
And in the darkest night,
God is a bright and shining ray
Providing peace and light.

With open hearts accept God’s grace
Along with comfort and peace,
And rest assured that in every place
God’s love will never cease.

© Connie Arnold, 2010
photo © Gary Strader
from Abundant Comfort and Grace

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May God's abundant comfort and grace be with you always!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this today, Kathy, and I pray that it will bring comfort and reassurance to those who may be going through a rough time, as we all do at times in our lives!